• ul. Białostocka 22, 03-741 Warszawa
  • info@fabrit.pl
  • +48 515 415 270

Engineering Design Office Fabrit

Fabrit is offering comprehensive support in development of technical projects – from design to manufacture. We help innovate and complete engineering projects successfully.

We specialize in:

✓ Designing production lines, machines and devices

✓ Preparing Technical Documentation (for manufacturing, assembly, manuals), visualizations, plans and layouts

✓ VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) projects.

✓ We build custom made machines and help in manufacture, offering full support and advice 

We are a team of experienced engineers with an extensive knowledge in manufacturing techniques (laser cutting, sheet and profile bending, milling, turning, etc.), mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics.


Rafał Brzozowski
Managing Director
Jarosław Sędek
Technical Director
Karol Składanek
Senior Design Engineer
Kamil Młynarski
Senior Design Engineer
Damian Krzoska
Dominik Nowakowski
Jarosław Janiszek
Design Engineer
Robert Rudnik
Production Engineer