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Training and Audit

Using many years of our experience in designing machines and managing flow of Technical Documentation within our company, we are able to offer an exceptional training and audits, based on solutions implemented to solve real problems encountered in many Technical Departments. Acting independently to CAD or PDM resellers, we can offer a non-standard solutions that are cost-effective and reliable.

Szkolenia SolidWorks

Our SolidWorks training is a complex solution for designers, providing knowledge not just about the CAD software, but also about manufacturing techniques, such as sheet metal bending, milling, turning, welding, etc. The combination of technological knowledge with an efficient CAD program operation guarantees reliable projects, which eliminate difficulties encountered in assembly or production processes. During the training, we focus on developing the best solutions and design standards in order to implement them in the customer’s Design Department. The training aligns the knowledge of the designers and unifies their design methods, which facilitates the subsequent work for larger teams of designers.

Workflow audit

Running Design Office taught us how important it is to manage the flow of Technical Documentation within the business. Aspects such as development of a unique part numbering system, Technical Documentation export method, drawing revising system, and the way that drawings are issued to Manufacturing Department are extremely important. Our audit includes verification of the existing system implemented at the customer’s company along with suggestions for improvement in order to reduce the number of errors during production and assembly processes.

Projects audit

Using our extensive experience and knowledge in designing machines, we offer an audits of the projects made by third companies. Verification includes:

✓ Reliability of the implemented technical solutions

✓ Manufacturability of the designed parts

✓ Quality of the 3D models and technical documentation

✓ Organization of the project files and their numbering system