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Designing machines, devices and constructions

Our Engineering Design Office has many years experience in designing:

✓ Production lines

✓ Machines

✓ Machine parts

✓ Weldments

✓ Housings

✓ Transporters and conveyors

✓ Lifters

✓ Pneumatic and hydraulic systems

We provide full technical documentation necessary for manufacturing, assembly, planning and machine run. For design, we use professional Dassault System software – SolidWorks and DrafSight.

Using professional CAD software, lets us to predict and eliminate potential problems that may arise during the manufacturing or assembly process, accurately predict final costs of the machine and create detailed list of materials (BOM).

We address our offer to

✓ Manufacturing companies with their own Design Offices as support in the development of larger projects

✓ Manufacturing companies that do not have their own Design Office

✓ Companies from various industries that need technical documentation for various purposes, such as development of a new product, spatial planning, administrative needs, etc.

✓ Companies that need photorealistic visualizations or animations of their products for marketing purposes, i.e. placing them on the website, in catalogs or other advertising materials

✓ Private investors who need technical support in the development of a new products