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Building custom machines

Using our extensive network of contacts in the manufacturing industry, we are able to offer support in building new custom machinery (production lines, assembly lines, machines or devices) in Poland. We deal with ordering manufacture, supervising manufacture process as well as organizing shipping and assembly at the customer’s site.

Our experienced engineers will supervise manufacturing and assembly process at every stage, to make sure it finishes on time and with expected quality. By performing supervision independently to the manufacturer, it allows us to react to any problems  fast and make key decisions during manufacturing, not after.

As a close partner of the Fabriline.com Technical Procurement Platform, we are able to get the best offers for manufacturing.

Our activities include

✓ Determining the best manufacturing method to obtain the best price-quality ratio

✓ Selecting from the list of suppliers those who have the appropriate technical facilities and highly qualified personnel necessary to implement the project. If we do not find suitable contractors in our database, we are ready to expand our search with new companies

✓ Preparation of inquiries

✓ Placing an order after agreeing on the price and delivery date

✓ Supervising the timeliness and quality of the production process

✓ Organization of transport and assembly at the customer’s site