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Assembly line

For a client from the Wielkopolskie Voivodship, we have completed a comprehensive project from concept to commissioning of semi-automatic assembly lines for the assembly of home care beds. In the first phase, we prepared the initial concept of the new lines, after which we proceeded to the implementation of the actual line designs. After completing the design, we carried out parts outsouring, assembly and commissioning of the both machines.
The main purpose of launching the lines was to relieve the fitters and reduce the assembly time.

The line for assembling the beds consists of a chain conveyor with adjustable width, an automatic feeder of semi-finished products (staves) and a turning robot. It is adapted to process seven different types of beds, differing in size.

The front assembly line consists of a chain conveyor and seven assembly stations that orient the subassembly in a position convenient for the fitter. The last two stations also make it easier to remove the assembly from the line.

Our assembly lines have reduced bed assembly time by an average of 26%.