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Assembly line

For Stiegelemyer Kępno, we undertook the exceptional task of designing and building automated assembly lines for the complex assembly process of rehabilitation beds. Our main goal was to create an innovative solution that would not only relieve assemblers but also significantly accelerate the entire bed assembly process.

Our assembly lines were designed with efficiency, precision, and optimization of work time in mind. Through sophisticated automation and the use of the latest technologies, we managed to integrate various assembly stages into a unified, optimized process. This solution not only shortened assembly time but also significantly increased the precision and quality of the final product.

One of the key elements of our project was to provide ergonomic solutions that consider the comfort of the assemblers’ work. The final result is two automated assembly lines that not only met expectations for efficiency and assembly speed but also improved working conditions by eliminating monotonous and tiring tasks.

The project for Stiegelemyer Kępno is for us not only a technical accomplishment but also proof that an innovative approach to automation can bring real benefits to businesses. We are proud of this collaboration and ready for further challenges, always striving to deliver solutions that truly exceed customer expectations.

Base frame assembly line

Front assembly line